Conference venue tried and trusted

The historic Harbor Museum and the cargo vessel MS Bleichen in Hamburg has already proofed twice to be the perfectly suited for the conference.

With its rustic charm, the venue is the ideal place for attendees to network, enjoy a relaxing ride through the harbor, and refuel at a variety of local food trucks. The shipping industry has already experienced that “the container is the package of globalization” and we can‘t imagine a better place for the IT industry to learn the same lesson at the next edition of the ContainerDays.


Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg
Hafenmuseum Hamburg
Kopfbau des Schuppens 50A
22457 Hamburg

Workshop venue June 22, 2020

The pre-conference workshops will take place at our partner Fast Lane Institute in Hamburg - Bahrenfeld. Fast Lane offers leading IT training for top technology vendors including AWS, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, NetApp, VMware and others worldwide.


Fast Lane Institute
Gasstraße 4A
22761 Hamburg