Parking is strictly limited. Please use our shuttle service from S-Bahn Veddel between 07.45 - 09.45am & 4 from 05.00-07.00pm

Also please note to be careful when accessing the "Betriebsgelände" since there is heavy traffic on the road.
Pedestrians are to stick to the sides of the road.

The historic cargo vessel MS Bleichen and it’s surrounding area (Stiftung Hamburg Maritim) in Hamburg proved to be a great place for the conference.

With a mix of rustic and industrial the MS Bleichen and the area around Schuppen 52A is the ideal place for attendees to network, enjoy a stroll around the cargo site and refuel at a variety of food trucks. Due to our still pandemic situation we have chosen a smaller, but nonetheless famous location for the next edition of ContainerDays.

IMPORTANT - COVID-19 Notification: In order to guarantee for the safety and health of everyone, only people who are fully vaccinated against or fully recovered from a previous infection with COVID-19 can be granted access to the conference venue.


MS BLEICHEN / Stiftung Hamburg Maritim
Kopfgebäude / Schuppen 52A
20457 Hamburg

Workshop venue September 23, 2021

The post-conference workshops will be hosted on our event platform https://www.eventmobi.com/containerdays. Online Only!