Containerdays 2023

ContainerDay Security 2023

Get a look into our one-day community event, which was designed to foster networking, discussion, and knowledge sharing on best practices and use cases in the cloud native security field among Kubernauts community members. Speakers from the cloud native environment dived into topics of container security and cloud hacking, among others. Attendees learned how to tackle various security issues, real-life attack scenarios, container security scanning, heared how to securely run your Kubernetes-based workloads, got an overview of various security tools and more useful security insights and best practices.

Containerdays 2022

Very special of the hybrid version of the conference was that both onsite and online participants could have an equally engaging experience with each other, as well as, with the speakers and companies. The conference included 69 talks with 3 keynotes and 8 lightning talks on the first two days. In addition, 32 on-demand sessions took place, which were available in our online event platform for the online attendees. In between the talks, the attendees had the opportunity to network and engage with others as well as explore 30+ sponsor booths situated in the exhibition areas of Kampnagel or in the online tool. It was a nice atmosphere - just like in the "good old days".

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Containerdays 2021

Our very first hybrid edition of ContainerDays in 2021, which took place online and in the beautiful city of Hamburg. We were amazed at how well the community adapted to the new concept and by the great response from our attendees, speakers and sponsors

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Containerdays 2019

Over 200 attendees learned about everything from Kubernetes 101 to securing container delivery with open source.

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Containerdays 2018

Containerdays 2017